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How do I get more business through Rocket Photo?

FAQ for Photographers

Your Profile was Approved on Rocket Photo! Now what?

Sit back and wait for the orders to roll in? Well, not just yet! 

While Rocket Photo is actively creating partnerships with real estate brokerages across the country, it may take a few months before the word gets to the agents in your area. So rather than just wait until that happens, here are a few things that you can be actively doing to help drive business to your Rocket Photo profile:

  1. Office Visits - A little effort can go a long way! You know that real estate office you drive by everyday? Stop in and introduce yourself. See if they need a real estate photographer. There is an old real estate adage that says “you don’t need to be good, you just need to be there.”  Strange, yes! But what it is telling agents is that to succeed in real estate you simply have to be “there” when the client needs assistance. This can apply to photography as well. You never know if they are having problems with their current photographer and they are in dire need of a new one! Rocket Photo has a relationship with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Our company is listed in their preferred vendors section of their website. Is there a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices office in your area? You should definitely stop in and introduce yourself to the office manager. Tell that person you are an approved photographer and that you would love to offer your services to their office. 
  2. Open Houses - Agents love to have open houses for their listings during the weekend. Find a few local open houses and pop in! Introduce yourself to the agent and find out if they need a photographer. Better yet, bring along your camera and offer to photograph the house for free. Take 5-10 images and tell them that you will deliver the images to them the next day. Now you have a great lead for future business. You might also meet other homeowners or agents while you are taking the photos...more leads! Plus, you could get some great shots for your Rocket Photo portfolio! 
  3. Ask! - Reach out to anyone you know that has connections within the real estate industry. See if you can get connected through “warm” leads. If you get introduced to an agent through a friend or a family member that lead will be more willing to have a chat. If that person does not need a photographer ask for a referral to someone who may need you! You have to put yourself out there and sometimes there will be rejection. Don’t worry about that! Just keep moving forward. 

Rocket Photo will be adding many more private broker networks over the next few months so be sure to “opt-in” to these networks in your Rocket Photo Studio. By the way, these networks are private networks that only agents within that brokerage can access. When you “opt-in” to each private network your profile will be listed in that network. These brokers will be encouraging their agents to use our network so your profile will be front and center for new business!