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Can photographers charge cancellation fees?

FAQ for Photographers

Every photographer on Rocket Photo sets their own late cancellation fee policies. There are two components to the cancellation policies on Rocket Photo orders:

1. Cancellation Fee: the amount that the photographer can charge the Realtor if they cancel within the cancellation period. 

2. Cancellation period: the amount of time prior to the start of the shoot in which the Realtor must cancel the shoot in order to avoid the cancellation fee. 

For example, a photographer can set a $25 fee that applies to orders that are cancelled within 2 hours of the time of the shoot. Here is what that looks like under the settings in an approved photographer's Rocket Photo Studio.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 8.01.51 PMTo set your late cancellation policy, you must create your Rocket Photo Profile. You can edit the late cancellation policy at anytime through your Rocket Photo Studio. Photographers are not required to create a late cancellation fee and can choose to leave these fields blank.

How to collect cancellation fees:

If a cancellation fee is applicable the photographer must collect this fee on their own behalf. Rocket Photo does not collect or process cancellation fees automatically. There are two ways in which the photographer can collect the fee:

1. If the shoot is cancelled, but the Realtor wishes to reschedule the shoot, the photographer can add the fee to the booking. The fee will be charged to the Realtor when the products are delivered. Click here to learn how to add a cancellation fee to a shoot.

2. If the shoot is cancelled and the Realtor does not wish to reschedule the shoot, the photographer can collect the fee outside of the Rocket Photo platform. Popular ways to collect this fee include Venmo and Paypal.