What are the differences between Free and Premium accounts?

The Free account is completely free and the Premium account is $29.99/month.

Both accounts can be cancelled at any time with no long term commitment. 

Both accounts can be listed on the Rocket Photo Marketplace. The Premium account can choose to be listed or not while using the other Premium features regardless of Marketplace status. 

Only Premium accounts are listed in the private broker photographer networks. Rocket Photo has partnered with some of the largest real estate brokers in the country to create their own photographer networks. Only Premium accounts are active in these private networks.

The Free account gives the photographer a specific number of free photo edits for orders that come directly through the photographer's Rocket Photo Profile URL. This is the only way that those free edits can be used. In order for these orders to be placed, the client must enter a payment method during the ordering process. This helps the photographer prevent client non-payment.

The Premium account allows the photographer more free photo edits and the ability to use those photo edits without an order placed by a client. The photographer is able to:

  1. Initiate an order on behalf of a client and still have the client pay for the services through Rocket Photo before the photos are released.
  2. Initiate a photo edit only order that does not have a client that has to pay. 

Additional benefits for Premium accounts are:

  1. The ability to embed your Rocket Photo Studio to your website. You can direct your clients to your own site and have them place orders from there instead of sending them to your Rocket Photo URL.
  2. Unbranded Rocket Photo URL - This allows you to give your clients a link to your Rocket Photo Studio without them seeing anything about Rocket Photo or accessing the Rocket Photo Marketplace. 
  3. Once photographers have run out of free photo edits the Premium accounts get substantial editing cost discounts. See the Pricing Page for more info.