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How do I edit my Rocket Photo profile?

FAQ for Photographers

Once you have an approved Rocket Photo account, you can edit your profile at anytime. Simply Log into your Rocket Photo account. Once you are logged in, you will land on your Rocket Photo Studio. On the left-hand side of your Studio, you will see options to edit each part of your Rocket Photo profile, including the following sections:

1. Profile: this is where you can edit your username, headline, summary, profile photo, cover photo, and your personal contact details. 

2. Portfolio: this is where you can change out your images in your portfolio. Please keep the portfolio requirements in mind when updating your portfolio.

3. Products & Pricing: this is where you can activate/deactivate products, as well as change your pricing on your active products. For more information on how to use the pricing tool, click here

4. Service Area: this is where you can change your home base address and set your primary and secondary service area. 

5. Terms & conditions: this is where you can change your cancellation policy and your photo ownership terms. 

6. Payment: in order to complete a shoot, you must set up your payment method so that you can receive deposits.

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