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How does Rocket Photo work?

FAQ for Photographers

Rocket Photo is an online marketplace for real estate photography. Through the platform, approved photographers are able to process orders from booking to billing. 

How it works:

  1. Create a profile to market your real estate photography services. You set your own prices, products, service area, and terms (ownership and cancellation fees). To sign up or log into your photographer account, click here
  2. Receive bookings from Realtors
    1. Through the Rocket Photo Marketplace
    2. Through Private Networks (Premium Feature)
    3. You can also send your Rocket Photo Profile or your Private Profile (Premium Feature) to existing clients so that they can book you through the platform (and you can take advantage of Rocket Photo's editing, payment processing, delivery and virtual tours!)
    4. Through your Private Profile that is embedded on your personal website (Premium Feature)
  3. Confirm/decline/reschedule bookings
    1. When you receive a booking, you will get an email notifying you. You can confirm, decline, or reschedule the booking through your Rocket Photo account. You will also get access to the Realtor's contact information so that you can arrange shoot details. 
  4. Shoot the listing 
    1. This part is up to you! However, Rocket Photo does have some tips: Rocket Photo's Complete Guide to Real Estate Photography
  5. Upload products to the booking
    1. If the products in the booking are Rocket Photo edited products (Standard Photos, Advanced Photos, Twilight Photos, or Drone Photos), all you need to do is upload the unedited photos to the booking in your Rocket Photo account. You can find details on how to upload Rocket Photo edited products to a booking HERE.
    2. If the products in the booking are Photographer edited products (Photographer Edit Photos, Videos, Drone Videos, and 3D Tours), you must edit the product prior to uploading it. You can find details on how to upload video and 3D products here
  6. Complete photo edits
    1. Once the photos are submitted through the booking, Rocket Photo gets to work on editing them! We deliver all photos within 24 hours of submission (exception: photos uploaded on Saturday will be delivered on Monday morning). The editing process includes: 
      1. Rocket Photo edits the Standard, Advanced, Twilight, or Drone photos. You can get details about our editing here
      2. Rocket Photo resizes the photos so that pre-sized MLS photos and high resolution photos are delivered. 
      3. Rocket Photo creates a virtual tour using the photo products.
  7. Receive the finished products
    1. As soon as the photos are edited, you will get an email letting you know that the products are ready. You will have immediate access to the edited files, however the Realtor will not have access until they pay.
    2. The Realtor will get an email with a link to submit payment. Once they pay for the booking, they can download the products from their account and access the free virtual tour. 
  8. Get paid! 
    1. 48 business hours after the Realtor submits their payment, you will get your payout deposited in your account (more info on setting up your banking here). On a marketplace order, your payout will be your shoot price, less editing fees and a 3.1% credit card processing fee.

Additional Features: 

If you have a Premium Rocket Photo account, you can also process bookings through on behalf of clients or place orders for editing only.

Learn about all the differences between a Free and Premium account here.