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How much does Rocket Photo cost?

FAQ for Photographers

Rocket Photo has four revenue streams:

  1. Premium subscription monthly fees
    1. Rocket Photo has two subscription levels for photographers:
      1. Free: It is 100% free to be listed on the Rocket Photo Marketplace through the free account. The only time you are charged through a free account is if you complete a booking, in which case editing fees are subtracted from your payout. (Meaning, you only are charged if you are making money)
      2. Premium: The premium account level costs $29.99 per month. For more information on the premium features, click here. 
  2. Editing fees
    1. Editing fees differ for the Free and Premium account levels. You can view the complete list of editing fees here.
    2. Editing fees are subtracted from a photographer's pricing. For example, if you are a Premium photographer and charge $100 for 10 Standard Photos, your payout would be less $9 ($0.90 x 10), making your total $91. For more information on how to set your pricing, click here
  3. Realtor transaction fees
    1. For orders that come through the Rocket Photo Marketplace or a Rocket Photo branded profile, there is a $5 transaction fee that is charged to the Realtor. This $5 fee is added on to the photographer's pricing. 
  4. Private Network fees
    1. Private Networks are only available for photographers with a premium account. Private networks have unique terms and conditions, including the fee structure. For details on each private network's terms, go to the Networks tab in your Rocket Photo studio.

In addition to the fees mentioned above, Rocket Photo charges a 3.1% credit card processing fee on all transactions. This fee is passed along to our payment processor.