Are there Late Cancellation fees?

Photographers are given the ability to set their individual late cancellation policies.

Each photographer on Rocket Photo sets their own late cancellation fee policies. When the photographer registers they are given the option to set a late cancellation fee policy. They are able to set the late cancellation fee amount as well as the triggering time of the fee. For example, a photographer can set a $10 fee amount that applies to orders cancelled within 1 hour of the time of the shoot.

Rocket Photo gives each photographer the ability to set their late cancellation policy and have the client agree to it upon booking. If a late cancellation fee is applicable the photographer must collect this fee on their own behalf. This can be done by increasing the Rocket Photo order invoice amount. The fee can also be collected outside of Rocket Photo.

Photographers are not required to create a late cancellation fee and can choose to leave these fields blank.

To set your late cancellation policy, you must create your Rocket Photo Profile. You can edit the late cancellation policy at anytime through your Rocket Photo Studio