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Who owns the photos?

FAQ for Photographers

Each photographer is given the ability to set a general, overall ownership determination when creating their account. Photographers are given three choices regarding ownership:

  1. The Photographer
  2. The Agent (default)
  3. Negotiable

Rocket Photo does not have ownership of the photos. 

When placing a booking through the Rocket Photo Marketplace, Realtors must accept the photographers terms & conditions, which include photo ownership. Rocket Photo highly recommends that prior to the shoot, both parties are completely clear on the photo ownership agreement. 

How to adjust your photo ownership terms

To adjust the ownership terms in an approved photographer account, log in to your Rocket Photo Studio. On the left-side of the Studio, you will see a section called Terms & Conditions. Click into this category to update your photo ownership terms. Simply use the drop down and press "save" to make changes. 

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Private Networks

When opting-in to Rocket Photo's Private Networks, you must agree to the terms & conditions outlined in the Private Network agreement. For more information on Private Networks, click here.