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How do I set the prices for my products?

FAQ for Photographers

You are able to set your prices for all of the products you offer through Rocket Photo. These prices are displayed on your Rocket Photo profile. 

Where do I set my prices?

If you are creating a new account, you can set your prices under the "Pricing" section during the on-boarding process. If you have an approved account, you can set your prices under the "Products & Pricing" section in your Rocket Photo Studio.

What is the pricing structure?

You can set unique pricing for all of your products. First, you must select the product you want to set the pricing for by clicking on the product name. For all photo products (Standard, Advanced, Drone, Twilight, and Photographer Edit), you set a price for up to 10 photos and a unit price for additional photos. 

In the example below, the product is the Standard Photo product. 

In the box on the left, you can set your pricing for up to 10 photos. This is the price you would charge if 1-10 photos are ordered through your Rocket Photo profile. (Note: you can add discounts to orders, if you would like, if your client would like less than 10 photos).

In the box on the right, you can set your price per each additional photo after 10 photos. 

Below the boxes, you can see an example of what your fee would be if the client ordered 20 photos. (In the example, the calculation is: $50 + 10 x $5 = $100). 

Make sure to "Save" the product with the blue button once you set your pricing! If you'd like to delete a product from your list, simply click "Deactivate." You can see which products are activated with the green and red label next to the product name. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 4.09.06 PMFor products that do not include a unit fee (i.e. Videos, 3D Tours), you set 1 price for the product. (Note: you can add fees/discounts to the order depending on the details of the job, after an order is placed through your Rocket Photo profile). 

In the example below, the product is Video. In the box on the left, you can set your price for the video product. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 4.09.30 PM