When are products delivered?

Rocket Photo edited products are ready for payment and delivery in less than 24 hours. Photographer Edit photo turnaround time differs.

Any product that is edited by Rocket Photo under Free or Premium Photographer account levels is ready for payment in less than 24 hours from the moment they are received by Rocket Photo.

Once the products are ready for delivery the client will be charged using the payment method given when the order was placed. If this payment method fails the products will not be released and the client will be notified of the failed payment. 


Photographer Edit Product

If the order is a Photographer Edit photo order then the client will receive those orders within 24 hours from when the photographer uploads the edited photos to Rocket Photo. Each photographer sets their own turnaround time for Photographer Edit photos.


Unrestricted Editing Orders (Premium Account Only)

If using the Editing Order order then the photos will be sent to the photographer and either the free edit photo count will be reduced or the photographer will be charged if their free photo edits have all been used.