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What are the Rocket Photo profile requirements?

FAQ for Photographers

After completing the photographer application process on Rocket Photo, you must submit your profile for review by Rocket Photo. All photographers who are listed on Rocket Photo are manually vetted and approved by the Rocket Photo Quality Review Team. Below are the requirements that are taken into account during the review process:

1. Professional-grade equipment (see requirements)

2. A professional head-shot or logo for your profile photo

3. A cover photo that features your best residential real estate work

4. A portfolio of real estate photos (see requirements)

5. A professional Headline and Summary 

The Headline and Summary should aim to sell your products and services to Realtors who are viewing your profile on the Rocket Photo Marketplace. We recommend including your real estate photography experience/qualifications, details about the experience you will provide your clients, and details about the products you offer through Rocket Photo (specifically if you offer the Photographer Edit product or Video products, as these products are not edited by Rocket Photo). You will not be approved if your Headline or Summary has grammatical errors or typos. Your Summary should strictly be limited to selling your real estate photography services. If you include services that are not available through Rocket Photo (i.e. websites, advertisements etc.) your profile will not be approved. 

If you meet all of the Rocket Photo requirements, your profile will be approved.