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What are Rocket Photo Private Networks?

FAQ for Photographers

What are Private Networks?

Rocket Photo partners with top brokerages to create private photography networks for their agents to find local real estate photographers. Photographers can opt-in to be listed on these networks via their Rocket Photo Studio. The opt-in includes agreeing to the brokerage's custom terms and pricing. This means that their terms and pricing might be different from your personal terms and pricing that you set when creating your account. Your general Rocket Photo studio terms and pricing will remain as you set them outside the private networks.

The ability to be listed on Private Networks is only available for Premium and Pro photographers. 

What Private Networks are Live?

  • Berskshire Hathaway HomeServices
  • United Real Estate
  • Real Living Real Estate

More coming soon! 

How do I get Listed?

  1. Sign up for a Premium Rocket Photo account 
  2. Create a Rocket Photo profile
  3. Submit your profile for review...and get approved!
  4. Opt-in to the private networks through the Networks tab of your Rocket Photo Studio (or click HERE). You can review the terms of each private network and chose which ones you'd like to be a part of.

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Why should I opt-in?

By opting to be a part of a private network, you are opening yourself up to getting new business! In addition to receiving targeted marketing by Rocket Photo, agents from the brokerages with private networks are encouraged by their management to use the private network. This means that your profile will be automatically shown to agents without you having to find your own leads within that brokerage.

Other than the requirement of having a Premium Rocket Photo account there is no additional charge to opt-in to any private network.

Am I guaranteed to get business?

You are not guaranteed to get any orders through the private networks. The number of orders you get varies greatly based on location, pricing, products offered, and portfolio photos. Additionally, traction for new private networks is expected to take a few months to gain momentum.